Haydarpaşa Transfer Center

The approach is inspired from the two main concerns which existing building has already satisfied properly. The location and orientation of the building are indispensable in terms of its immediate relation with the sea and the coastline in such a water-transport-based city of Istanbul. Capacity matters and introduced new lines triggered to cover all the facilities by the help of one single roof including boat terminal deck and open cultural spaces. It also hanged to the two existing buildings which transformed into cultural activity centers while functioning as a media screen.The structure also serves to the continuity of the coastline while laying to the coast horizontally. It actually tries to glorify the existing situation in a new point of view.

Trying to make use of existing situation is still a valid concept on the scale of urban design.2 new huge office and housing patterns are coming from the traces of the actual vehicle transportation networks.Office complex evolves around much used diagonal road connecting one of the main highways to the coast.Housing complex including the new subway station gets its round-shape from the current railroad pattern. 3 mentioned design elements are connected together with urban voids reserved for the open activities such as plazas or urban parks.Their scale and functional diversity acts in coherance with the existing hybrid situation.


TypeStudent Project
Locationİstanbul │ Turkey
Area70.000 m2
TeamCan Tamirci

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