The main motivation in the design of the 30-floor tower section of the building, which includes the working areas, is to create a structure that breathes with spaces and carries the resting and social areas to the tower instead of designing the working areas as inward-looking units. In this direction, wide and high floor gardens were created at 3 different levels in the building and partial social areas overlooking these floor gardens were designed in the department heads on each floor. While these 3 platforms serve throughout the building, the inner balconies facing these platforms offer resting / waiting areas related to the space on a floor-by-floor basis The first of these platforms at ground level, besides providing vertical volumetric fluidity, also has an important task in terms of horizontal circulation. 

The first platform, which contains the entrances of the building, also includes all the connections between the headquarters, office, conference and social areas. Therefore, the fluidity in the 3rd dimension in terms of both space and circulation separates the character of this space. The void situation has also affected the structure and external appearance of the building, and the building form is designed to express this internal organization. At this point, the external perception of the building was also effective in the positioning of the spaces, and the building was shaped with a two-way interaction from the inside to the outside / from the outside to the inside. On the basis of the triangular form of the building, there is to feel its hollow structure in both directions of arrival. The hollow structure is emphasized by the cutting of the floors and the lightening of the structure, as well as the shell language of the façade. A grid system arising from the structure of the building carries a second facade layer, aluminum perforated panels, in the office parts. While the second layer is lost on the void facades, the emphasis on transparency is increased.

İlbank Headquarters Building

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